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Heisenware App Builder

A low-code platform for integrated apps and IoT software

Enables small and medium-sized business to integrate, build and deploy custom IoT software without coding.

Heisenware App Builder

Heisenware offers a powerful low-code platform to build and deploy custom IoT software. The platform comes with modern tools to integrate physical things as well as legacy systems, design beautiful user interfaces and deploy apps on any device.

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Integrate physical things and legacy systems easily

The integration capabilities of the platform are unlimited, thanks to Heisenware's connectivity engine "VRPC". It enables you to utilize data from all hardware, software and legacy systems.
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Quickly set up your backend and connect it to frontends

Create advanced business logic, data modification, databases, and other backend functionality without coding. Drag and drop the backend onto frontend widgets that you place directly on the screen of your desired device.

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Progressive web apps

Deploy web apps on any device simultaneously

Build progressive web apps and deploy them with a single click. Progressive web apps provide all the possibilities of native apps and run on phones, tablets and computers.

Boost your software development

Heisenware's low-code platform is made for the IoT and offers many advantages.

Up to 90% faster

Benefit from prepared widgets and components. This allows you to put ideas into practice in a fraction of the time of classic software development.

Relieve IT capacities

Non-software developers can directly turn their requirements into reality. The IT department maintains governance at all times.

Stay flexible

Business logic is easy to reproduce, and new ideas as well as changes can be implemented with just a few clicks.

Limitless integration

Developing IoT apps was never easier. Built-in connectivity and infinite integration possibilities ensure that even the most complex use cases can be realized.

Full independence

Become independent of single external developers and costly agencies. Easily implement custom software yourself, even as a non-software developer.

Three ways to your fully connected app

You build yourself

First, you will choose if you use the App Builder "as-a-service" or if you deploy it on-premises or in your private cloud. Then you can start to build your app from scratch or by using a template. We will support you whenever needed.


We build your prototype

We build an initial version of your application based on your requirements. This version will than be handed over to you to continue the work with direct support from us whenever needed.


We build your final app

This is a carefree approach and comparable to classic custom software development. Just three differences: It will be cheaper, it will be faster and you will be able to easily modify the result.

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What our customers say

"As a manufacturer of the next-generation smart office, we are specialists in crafting high-tech chairs and desks. Connecting those with the internet needs another specialist. With Heisenware we found the technical competence and the personal support to get us going with our prototypes."

christoph janyska
Christoph Janyska - AdaptionLab

"The connectivity requirements for our custom-made microchip circuits are as individual as our LED products are. Heisenware's personal support and powerful connectivity brought our low-level serial communication into a modern web-based interface that became an integral part of our quality management system."

carsten freiberg
Carsten Freiberg - Creative LED