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Apps built with Heisenware
App Builder for SMBs

Rapidly Develop Apps Without Code

Take control of digitalization with Heisenware and become independent from IT experts and external software development.

Manufacturing and crafts business that leverage Heisenware
Stadtwerke Lübeck digital

Missing developers

Skilled personnel are in short supply, and developers often opt for larger corporations.

Tedious procurement

Defining specifications and coordinating with suppliers consumes a lot of time and money.

Dependency on external parties

For every change request, reliance on service providers is necessary, incurring costs.

Rapid app development without writing code

Build apps, dashboards, and user interfaces without any programming skills. Pre-made modules and data widgets save you a lot of time.


Easy integration of data sources and sinks

To digitize processes, integrating existing systems and devices is often necessary. Thanks to a wide range of data connectors, this is no longer a problem.


Apps for all devices without additional effort

Thanks to PWA technology, you can provide employees and customers with a seamless user experience on all their devices with just a few clicks.

Heisenware App Builder

Build frontend and backend

Bring your vision to life with our app builder. No coding required.

Connect with legacy systems

Connectors let you establish connections with databases and IoT devices.

Run software in the cloud

Save yourself the hassle and let us handle the hosting and maintenance of the software.


What our customers and users are saying

Heisenware is successfully in use in the manufacturing, crafts, and services sector.

We are capable of implementing complex IoT software without any coding.


Martin Lempfert

Senior Office Digital Welfare | Stadtwerke Lübeck

The RFID integration and apps from Heisenware have greatly streamlined our processes.


Nils Stümke

Managing Director | Gaerte Sanitärtechnik GmbH & Co. KG

In no time, we were able to create a dashboard that displays production data in real-time.


Simon Gonzalez

Solution Architect IT Industrial Services | H. & J. Brüggen KG

The app was ready for use after just three weeks and has been running smoothly ever since.


Marc Riedke

Managing Director | BOMAR Shipmanagement GmbH & Co. KG

We are very satisfied and are already considering expansions through Heisenware.


Dr. Hans-Heinrich Osteroth

Managing Director | EHS beratende Ingenieure für Bauwesen GmbH

We're excited that we can easily implement changes to the apps ourselves.


Johannes Seifer

Co-Founder | KAI-tecis Süd & Sales Manager | tecis

Frequently asked questions

We've gathered the most important points for you here.

Heisenware is tailored to the needs of SMBs in industry, manufacturing and crafts. With Heisenware, you can develop and operate apps without complicated programming. Additionally, Heisenware offers seamless integration of various systems - all in one platform.

Simply schedule a demo call with us. During the meeting, we'll present our software to you, and afterward, you can start your personal trial phase. All of this is, of course, complementary and completely non-binding.

We continuously work on advancing our product to minimize limitations. Additionally, you can develop your own modules with JavaScript and process data at any time. Thanks to our code adapter, you can also integrate existing logic that is already being used elsewhere.

All your data is stored on cloud servers in Germany and treated in full compliance with GDPR. Additionally, you can also run Heisenware in your own cloud or on-premise via Docker.

Yes, you can. Heisenware can act as an integration and development service provider. In this case, we handle the integration or development within the platform for you. This allows the resulting software applications to be expanded and adjusted according to your needs.

Ready to experience Heisenware in action?

After your personal demo, you'll receive onboarding and a free two-week trial.

How software development is done today

Heisenware's low-code platform puts custom app development in your own hands.

Up to 90 % faster

Implement new ideas and customizations in a fraction of the time of traditional programming.

Relieve IT department

Non-developers can put their requirements directly into reality. This allows collaboration at eye level.

Gain independence

Simply implement individual software yourself. Without coding and without expensive, external development.