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Custom software applications without a single line of code

Heisenware's low-code platform empowers SMEs to seamlessly integrate hardware and effortlessly develop custom apps in a fraction of the time of traditional software development.

Heisenware App Builder

SMEs work with Heisenware

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Missing IT experts

It is particularly difficult for SMEs to find and retain the right staff.

Cumbersome procurement

Outsourcing software development is time-consuming and often does not lead to the desired results.

Dependence on service providers

You are dependent on external parties for the maintenance of software solutions and even small adjustments.

Drag-and-drop building blocks

Develop custom apps without coding

With Heisenware, you can develop apps and software without any programming knowledge. Save a lot of time thanks to ready-made modules and functionality. 


Effortless integration of hardware and legacy systems

The Edge connector enables the facile integration of sensors, machine controllers, databases and legacy systems. This creates fully integraed apps for the digitalization of your operation.


Publish software applications to all your devices

Publish apps with just one click and install them easily via sharable QR code or link on your smartphone, tablet and PC. Trust Heisenware to take care of secure hosting.

How software development is done today

Heisenware's low-code platform puts custom app development in your own hands.

Up to 90 % faster

Implement new ideas and customizations in a fraction of the time of traditional programming.

Relieve IT department

Non-developers can put their requirements directly into reality. This allows collaboration at eye level.

Gain independence

Simply implement individual software yourself. Without coding and without expensive, external development.

How it works

You build yourself

First, you will choose if you use the App Builder “as-a-service” or if you deploy it on-premises or in your private cloud. Then you can start to build your app from scratch or by using a template. We will support you whenever needed.


We build your prototype

We build a custom app according to your rough requirements and hand over the first version to you. This approach is not only cost-efficient, but can also be implemented quickly. You have the flexibility to customize the result according to your wishes.


What our customers are saying

Within a remarkably short time, we were able to create a dashboard displaying production data in ‘real time’. Thanks to the interfaces already available, we were able to visualize the data without in-depth programming knowledge.”

Simon Gonzalez
Head of IT Industrial Services - H. & J. Brüggen KG

“By working with Heisenware, we are able to implement complex IoT software tools with low-code programming. This gives us cost advantages, saves a lot of time, and opens up previously unimagined possibilities.”

Martin Lempfert
CTO / Head of Smart City Services - Stadtwerke Lübeck