Let your applications communicate - with you and with each other.

Add remote access to your software, no matter what technology or hardware it uses.


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We will enable your existing IT/software solutions to communicate with the internet in the most modern way. We do this without needing to change your setup and only to an extend defined by your needs.

Using our communication library VRPC, you can add remote operation possibilities to your existing software solutions easily. It does not matter what programming language you used or where the software is running (we support embedded devices as well). VRPC behaves like WhatsApp for computer programs and enables your existing solutions to suddenly take part in communication with other pieces of code running somewhere else on the planet.

The biggest part of our product is open-source and anyways completely free to use. Even our communication-as-a-service infrastructure - including the central message broker and the real-time browser-based control - is freely available and fully featured. It however restricts all communication to a single public domain. In other words, it behaves like a big chatroom in which everyone can talk to everyone else.

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