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Using our communication library VRPC, you can add remote operation possibilities to your existing software solutions easily. It does not matter what programming language you used or where the software is running (we support embedded devices as well). VRPC behaves like WhatsApp for computer programs and enables your existing solutions to suddenly take part in communication with other pieces of code running somewhere else on the planet.

Once adapted with VRPC, all functionality is available for real-time remote control using the browser or an app. Additionally, you can fully customize the interaction with all remote functionality by simply by dragging and dropping on our dashboard creation tool. That way you may even build up a fully-fledged SCADA system for your factory and hence turn it into an Industry 4.0 enterprise.

VRPC is using functions as building blocks. As functions are at the heart of every software product, we can build amazingly complex things without getting complicated. Convince yourself by using VRPC live, which let's you control your functions in real-time, just using your browser! At a next step you can build - still in your browser - more logic on top and visualize it as you please.

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