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Heisenware App Builder

Building apps has never been easier

The Heisenware App Builder is a low-code platform that enables you to build software tools and IoT apps. It's as easy as building a slide deck but does not limit you when integrating external data, hardware and legacy systems.

01 Integrate

01 Integrate

Integration possibilities are almost unlimited. Due to our own open source technology VRPC, you are able to integrate industrial hardware, databases, files and arbitrary services. Once a connector has been implemented, you can query and write data from the App Builder without coding a single line.


Database integration

Programmatic reading from and writing to any external relational and time series database.

Web API integration

REST, GraphQL, gRPC or any other web API can be used to exchange data with. 

Hardware integration

Interact with serial and network interfaces, microcontrollers, sensors, SBCs like the Raspberry Pi or local terminals.

File integration

Programmatic writing to and reading from files like DOCX, XLSX, CSV or PDF. If the file type allows it, there are no limits. 

Code & library integration

Direct integration of code that enables the use of library functions and code snippets in your app.

Smart device onboarding

Ensures that hardware and code are easily and securely available in the App Builder without customizing the connectivity.

02 Build

The App Builder lets you create a powerful backend and beautiful frontends for any screen size. By connecting the original code functions with each other and with graphical widgets, there are no limits to your business logic and design possibilities. You never have to code yourself. However, you can add own code if you want to. 


02 Build

Function-based logic design

With the help of functions and drag&drop you create the backend of your app in the easiest way. Low-code but no limits.

Data modification

On-the-fly modification of any data output using pre-configured modifiers, simple expressions or JSONata.

Data recorder

Allows the recording of outputs as time series data in InfluxDB with a flexible retention policy between one hour and forever.

Static & dynamic widgets

Frontend widgets for text, icons, shapes, images, but also data inputs, function triggers and real-time data visualization.

Device access

Use device hardware in your apps, for example to scan barcodes with the smartphone camera.

Database creator

Graphically set up a relational database (PostgreSQL) and use it as the basis for your applications and digital twins.

Utility functions

Functions that are always needed for the development of business logic. These include counters, simulators, buffers and other tools.


Let your apps connect to users via push notifications, email, SMS or even programmatic phone calls.

Company branding

Let your applications automatically shine in your corporate colors and appearance with global themes.

03 Deploy

03 Deploy

A dedicated test mode enables you to test your app before it goes live to ensure a smooth launch. Built-in progressive web app technology and our secure one-click deployment lets you deploy your app to smartphone, tablet and computer in one go. Once deployed, you can easily manage different app versions, allowing you to make changes and improvements as needed.

Test mode

Test your apps directly in the App Builder before you deploy them to ensure a smoooth launch.

Single-click deployment

Almost magically deploy and update applications to the desired cloud (public, private, on-premise) with just one click.

Password protection

Protect your applications by adding a password. This is enabled by default.

Progressive web apps

Apps you create with Heisenware can run out of the box on smartphones, tablets, and standard computers.


Decide yourself whether the manipulation of the app or its individual functions applies globally or only to a single user. 

Hosting in Germany

All apps you create and deploy to the Heisenware cloud are hosted in German and thus GDPR compliant.