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The biggest part of our product is open-source and anyways completely free to use. Even our communication-as-a-service infrastructure - including the central message broker and the real-time browser-based control - is freely available and fully featured. It however restricts all communication to a single public domain. In other words, it behaves like a big chatroom in which everyone can talk to everyone else.

This is the first level of privacy: you are still using our web-based services for the communication between your functions, but acquire your own domain (like a WhatsApp group that you are the administrator of) using the VRPC App. The minimum plan runs for 3 months and costs 126 EUR. Once done, you can register an unlimited amount of functions, call them in real-time through your browser, manage access policies, etc. In short: you are prepared for everything needed to ramp-up your code to an production-quality network-accessible modern system.

With the enterprise licence you can choose to run all our components on your servers or private cloud. No single byte will leave your company. You will have access to our experts and we will help you remote controlling your devices or your legacy code (even if it is Windows COM, MFC, ActiveX and friends). Contact us and we will prepare a package that fits your needs.

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