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No-Code App Builder

Build a fully functional app as easy as a slide deck. Just think about slides as the pages of your application. Draw and edit text boxes, shapes, lines, images. Add a navigation that suits you, for example bottom tabs, a menu drawer or simply button links.

Unleash the full power by dragging interactive widgets such as charts, data grids, gauges, maps, buttons, text input and much more. Browse your available remote functionality and perform a second drag to cable things up and let widgets respond in real time.



  • While designing, preview and test your app at any time immediately
  • Freely place widgets and configure their behavior
  • Inspect remote data directly, no need to define devices, digital twins, schemas or such
  • Arbitrarily modify content and format of remote data in-flight
  • Forward data from one system to another
  • Record incoming data to a database
  • Add custom app-logic like: "when this, than that"
  • Download app-specific edge-connectors and connect things behind firewalls or within local networks
  • Deploy your app with a single click and have it on your mobile device a few seconds later

Connected widgets can not only visualize data, but also configure and trigger remote entities. Freely define which inputs and triggers you want to expose to your end-user and what should happen automatically as part of your app-logic.