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We will enable your existing IT/software solutions to communicate with the internet in the most modern way. We do this without needing to change your setup and only to an extend defined by your needs.

You are running a mix of applications, maybe even using different programming technologies that you want to centrally co-ordinate? You want to move them into a proper micro-service architecture? You need a web-based UI that allows managing all those applications? Leave your applications as they are! We have adapters for almost all programming languages. Once adapted, applications can talk to each other, be centrally managed, and have available a functional UI without writing any code.

You need to access data available within C/C++ applications? Those applications are using legacy technology, like MFC, ActiveX, ATL and VB6? You want to control the functionality of this applications remotely allowing to ingrate them to your MES system, or simply steer them from your SmartPhone? Please do not touch your code! Simply try the VRPC C++ Agent. It will adapt your application (or library) and make it remotely available including full security and, up to your financial involvement, full privacy.

Once your applications are enhanced through VRPC they are automatically protected by means of the latest available internet security technology. Your data is end-to-end encrypted, and transported in a TLS secured channel.

It shouldn't be needed, but hey, if you need to talk and are ramping up your digital business together with Heisenware, you will talk to experts only. No first, second, third level - just one level: expert level!

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