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Drive Digital Revolution Through Modern Software Technology

With a small team of highly skilled software creators we are driving the development of our no-code app creator and the underlying powerful and open-source connectivity solution VRPC.

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    20+ Years

    Software Knowhow

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    IFB Funded

    High-Tech Startup

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    100 %

    Made in Hamburg

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    6 Years

    Product R&D

Our focus is on product quality and ease of use. We believe in open-source combined with software and hardware sustainability. We want to enable our customers to integrate, rather than reinvent existing solutions.

More About Us

Our History

Our technological innovation bases on the combined track record of our team with experience in

  • IoT and Industrial IoT
  • Big Data Processing and Storage
  • Message Broker Technologies
  • Highly Responsive Desktop and Web UIs
  • Embedded Devices

Our Mission

We want to craft individual solutions that relief your digitization pain in weeks not years.

  • We are listening
  • We are listening closer
  • We build using no/low-code
  • We connect using adapters
  • We integrate existing solutions

Our Tech Stack

We are building our product on top of future-proof technologies such as:

  • MQTT the defacto standard IoT protocol
  • JSON as our central data structure
  • DOCKER to deploy everywhere
  • PWA to craft powerful user interfaces
  • INFLUX as time-series database
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Why Choose Us?

While others deliver standard solutions for standard problems, we also listen to your individual issues and provide an innovative solution.


Powerful Connectivity

Thanks to our connectivity solution VRPC, integrating highly customized and complex systems comes easily for our team.


Powerful UI

Through our no-code platform we can offer you the best and most beautiful widgets for your modern app.



Having automatized and standardized the entire software cycle, we can deliver our products extremely fast.